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Now available in hardcover and paperback - Amapola's first full length novel "Coming Home"published by iUniverse Publishers Available now at the publisher's website, at the author's website and also available to order from online retailers like Barnes & Noble,,, Media Play, BooksaMillion, WalMart & over 25,000 traditional booksellers worldwide. Ask for author name: AMAPOLA or title of book: "Coming Home"

Short Stories by Amapola

Hello there!

If you are reading this then you are either a short story writer or a short story reader like I am. I enjoy the brevity and complete closure of short narratives.

The short stories I have written were meant for magazine publications but having had to live life onboard a cruise ship as her resident singer, it was difficult to get any of my short stories published in absentia. Later, when I finished my contracts onboard the ship, I then discovered that I could publish my own stories on the Internet. Overnight, because of the Internet, I became an author and a publisher all at the same time, yeeay!    :0)

So here are my short stories to share. Reader, you will be one of the first readers of my short stories that are premiered here in my website.

I love short stories and I hope you can share yours with me.

All the best to you and yours,


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